Doula -why you might need one?

Birth of your child will be undoubtedly one of the most exciting experiences in your life. Yes it will make a lasting impression on you...more than your wedding day (if you had one!), more than your biggest birthday party, you have had so far! You will remember this day for the rest of your life! You will remember how you felt, who was with you, what they said, how they made you feel, whether you felt supported or left alone!

I like to compare it to going for a hike in an unknown and maybe scary terrain. You are the one who has to do the hike, no one else can embark this journey for you, but man it feels nice to be prepared and have great support! Technical support if you would need it, but mostly loving and encouraging support! 

As your birth doula, I am there to support you...physically, emotionally and "information-ally" throughout your "hike into the unknown", your transformation into the parenthood. A journey filled not only with excitement, but a roller coaster of other emotions and experiences!

I am not there to replace your partner or your medical team...we all have very different and important roles in supporting YOU! My role is a calm, loving, confident, and reassuring presence for you and your partner...that may mean massaging your shoulders for many hours, reassuring your partner and giving him suggestions on how to support you, helping you to find answers so you can make better decisions or simply sitting back and believing in you, your body and your baby! 

So do you really need a birth doula? Only you can decide!

You deserve one! AND presence of a doula, according to research, can help you to have a better birth experience! 


-Shorter labor
-Reduction in epidural requests
-Reduction in cesarean surgeries
-Reduction in the use of pitocin
-Greater maternal satisfaction with the birth experience

You are soon to your "hike into the unknown". How would you like it to be? What kind of support will you need?